August 2022 Life History File

Namaqua dominant male Umfana. Photo credit Laura Salamone-Maiden

The project’s dominant females were very busy this month.  Almost every group’s female leader gave birth!

Subgroups, including Zulus 4, Make-e-Plan 5, and two unnamed groups, were featured in this month’s Meerkatter.

Namaqua dominant female Manzai. Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

Namaqua suffered more losses from tuberculosis, including its dominant male Umfana (VZUM034).  The mob is now down to eight individuals. Other members, including dominant female Manzai (VNQF013), are showing signs of TB as well.

Ubuntu’s habituation is now complete due to adult subordinate male, Captain Barbosa’s (VLM265), improved comfort level around the KMP observers.  Following the disappearance of the group’s dominant male, Ogg (VHMM047), his littermate brother, Greebo (VHMM048) has taken over

Ubuntu Captain Barbosa. Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

the top spot next to dominant female Daisy (VBBF111).

Whiskers dominant female Swift (VWF176) gave birth, but her litter was lost before emergence.

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