July 2022 Life History File

Elrond’s Council Mojo Jojo and Shisharka. Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

With the disappearance of Elrond’s Council dominant female Calypso (VEC027) in April, Elrond’s Council remains unstable and its future uncertain.  Two remaining yearling females, Mojo Jojo (VECF038) and Snoop Kat (VECF039), have been competing for dominance for four months.  At issue is that they are both likely to be the offspring of the group’s dominant male, Palestrina (VLM211), and probably would not mate with him.

This month’s Meerkatter features an article on a number of previously LAST SEEN individuals who have resurfaced.  It’s a good reminder that LAST SEEN doesn’t always mean gone for good!

Long-missing Lazuli Slop, as a pup. Photo by Lea Sueur

Almost Last Seen Zulus Bear and Mion. Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

Make-e-Plan’s surviving, previously abandoned pups, Jude (VMPP071) and Ranger (VMPM073), are hanging in there.  These two little ones were off to a rough start.  Fingers crossed they continue to persevere.

A baby boom is coming! Dominant females in Alba, Brussels Sprouts, Gold Diggers, Lazuli, Namaqua, Ubuntu, Whiskers and Zulus are all pregnant.

Namaqua dominant male Umfana. Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

Namaqua dominant male, Umfana (VZUM034) is showing symptoms of tuberculosis, Yearling subordinate male, Hanspeter (VNQM029), who was also suspected of suffering from TB, disappeared mid-month.

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