2020-05 May Life History File

Elrond’s Council with the May 2020 pups. Photo by Shaz Alderton, Life History Coordinator

A potential record number of pups in one litter may have occurred in Elrond’s Council this month as nine pups were seen emerging for the first time o the 25th.  While DNA samples from the pups have yet to be analyzed, it is thought that all of the pups were from dominant female Tayl Baez (VBBF117).  A more likely scenario is that this litter is a mixed litter from Tayl Baez and an undyed yearling female who was spotted occasionally in the group and was thought to be pregnant.

Elrond Council youngsters. Photo by meerkat volunteer Laurie Johnson.

Five other groups had births during this Kalahari winter month including Make-e-Plan, Namaqua, Ubuntu, Jaxx and Lazuli.

Click here for the May 2020 Life History chart.

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Namaqua dominant male Lewie with pups. Photo by meerkat volunteer Tal Kleinhause

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