June 2022 Life History File

Ubuntu Artemis with pups including Donut.
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

An overview of the previous pup birth record in Ubuntu and other happenings in the group are highlighted in this month’s Meerkatter.   There is a new dominant male after the death of Jumper.

Brussels Sprouts and Brussels Sprouts 2 finally met up again after being separated for three months.  After a series of events spanning several weeks, the group was reunited (and it feels so good!) with the exception of Shandy (VHMM023) and juvenile male, Love (VBSM003), both who are now considered roving males.  Brussels Sprouts now numbers nine individuals and Brussels Sprouts 2 is disintegrated.

Shandy in 2018.
Photo by Shaz Alderton

Hakuna Matata were seen three times this month but still spending the majority of the time on a nearby farm. Fourteen individuals were seen.  One of the sightings was an intergroup interaction (IGI) with Whiskers.

After last month’s abandonment of the Make-e-plan pups, 9 of the 15 pups born into the mixed litter were given their LAST SEEN.

Namaqua did not have much of a reprieve from TB.  Yearling subordinate Hanspeter VNQM029 is now showing visible signs of the disease.

Namaqua Hanspeter (L) and dominant male Umfana (R)
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

Find the June 2022 Meerkatter here.                  Click here for the June 2022 Life History Chart

The Group Territory Map can be found here.

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