2019-11 November Life History File

Pet’s claws. Photo by KMP visitor Laura Salamone-Maiden

KMP favorite, Pet (VCM001) is featured in this month’s Meerkatter. Pet was first seen as a juvenile in 2011 with now Whiskers dominant male Brea (VLM157) and brother Rubio (VLM155). With no fear of humans and a botched declaw on his right paw, it was suspected he had previously been kept a s a pet and hence his name, Pet.  Pet and Alan Johnson’s Beemer (VLF206) formed Hakuna Matata in 2016.  Pet returned to his roving ways in July of this year after the loss of Alan Johnson’s Beemer, but returned to the project farmhouse area this month and is seen on a daily basis. Now approximately 8 years old, it is hoped that Pet will rejoin to Hakuna Matata.

Former dominant male and co-founder of Hakuna Matata, Pet. Photo by KMP visitor Laura Salamone-Maiden

There was a baby boom at the KMP this month.  Contributing was Whiskers dominant female Swift (VWF176) who gave birth to her 21st litter.

(Little) Creatures was found at the beginning of the month and The Worm’s Heart (VCRM010) was collared.

Little Creatures The Worm’s Heart. Photo by meerkat volunteer Lea Sueur

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2019-10 October Life History File

Little Creatures Kanye. Photo by meerkat volunteer Lea Sueur

October was noted for a high number of rovers emigrating and

Zulus then-dominant male Palestrina (center) with Poma and Special Sauce. Photo y KMP Visitor Laura Salamone-Maiden

immigrating into groups as is typical in the Kalahari summer. Notably, Elrond’s Council’s habituation level has substantially increased with the influx of fully habituated meerkats from Zulus. In fact, former Zulus dominant male Palestrina (VLM211) gained dominance  in Elrond’s Council alongside Tayl Baez (VBBF117).

Whiskers males Pixie (VWM210), Scuzi  (VWM213) and Lilac (VWM214) have been accepted into Zulus after being repeatedly chased away.

Both collared males at (Little) Creatures, Kanye (VCRM002) and Watu Porini (VJXM104) were found dead.  A search is on for the group in order to collar a new individual

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2019-09 September Life History File

Whiskers dominant couple Brea (front) and Swift. Photo by KMP visitor Laura Salamone-Maiden

Brea (VLM157), dominant male of of Whiskers since October 2014, turned ten years old this month.  This is quite an achievement for a meerkat! This month’s Meerkatter features some of the highlights of his life including helping to form the Cavemen group in 2011.

Lazuli suffered a number of losses this month, including Sigma’s (VLF230) litter, some for unknown reasons.  There is some speculation that culprit lay somewhere down in the burrow, but nothing was ever seen.

Tswana’s Lil’ Nasty (VTSF002) was predated, leaving three dye-marked and seven wild individuals in the group. None are wearing a radio collar.

Whiskers dominant male Brea. Photo by KMP visitor Laura salamone-Maiden

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2019-08 August Life History File

Van Helsing in 2011 during better days.  Photo by KMP visitor Laura Salamone-Maiden

Habituation group Tswana is now comfortable enough with project volunteers to be dyed and therefore identifiable for data collection.  Significant gains have been made in Elrond Council’s habituation as well and now volunteers are able to follow the group for entire morning sessions.

Long-time project favorite, the Van Helsing group, is now gone with the loss of its two remaining adult females due to TB.  This beloved group was first seen in February 2008.  Van Helsing once numbering some 35 individuals, has been ravaged over the years by this devastating disease, ultimately to its demise.

Van Helsing dominant female Egg wearing a mini camera for the 2017 Animals With Cameras shoot. Photo by KMP visitor Laura Salamone-Maiden


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